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About us

Digital Mosaic invests in a diverse portfolio of marketplace loans and digital specialty assets, partnering with top-tier technology platforms from across the globe.


Enable investors to access the world’ best originators and participate in today’s rapid tech-enabled disintermediation of the globally underbanked.

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Our Approach

Utilize fundamental credit analysis, local partners, in-house software, and quantitative methods to identify the most attractive originators and assets.

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Our Advantage

Diversification and Discipline: Our portfolio is drawn from a broad loan segment and geographic mix, and is constructed to reduce exposure to any single country or risk factor.


Fundamental and Data-Driven Approaches In One Disciplined Framework

Marketplace Loans sit at the intersection of traditional fixed income and Financial Technology (Fintech). This requires a balanced approach to assess the high-volume of loans and data behind them.

The qualitative half of our approach begins with fundamental credit analysis to identify key top-down factors such as macroeconomic, regulatory, and political conditions within each lending market. On an originator level, we leverage our network of local partners and on-site meetings to evaluate and assist the underwriting and collection processes of our partners.

Digital Mosaic's then utilizes software tools developed in-house to process and analyze data from the fragmented digital loan market. The partner team then applies quantitative and predictive intelligence methods within a disciplined investment framework to harvest risk premia for our investors.

Our Team

Our team holds decades of investment experience and expertise in the following areas relevant to the global digital lending landscape:
  • Emerging and developed market credit.
  • Multiple credit sectors: sovereign, corporate, consumer and marketplace loans
  • Quantitative Methods: predictive modeling, portfolio management, risk mitigation, monitoring and software analytics

Eugene Lee, CFA

Portfolio Manager, CIO
Quantitative Credit: 7 years
Emerging Market Credit: 7 years
Portfolio Management / Trading: 10 years
MS Financial Engineering, BA Economics

David C. Hinman, CFA

Portfolio Manager, President
High Yield Credit: 8 years
Emerging Market Credit: 10 years
Structured Credit: 9 years
Portfolio Management / Trading: 23 years
BS Corporate Finance and Investment Management, MBA Finance and Accounting

Andrew Nelson

Portfolio Manager, COO
Liquid Alts Due Diligence and Research: 5 years
Illiquid Alternatives Funds: 5 years
New York Barred Attorney, JD
MBA- Finance
BA English Literature

Patrick Woloveck

Portfolio Advisor
Business Development/Sales: 8 years
Growth Hacker: 4 years
Fintech/Alternative Lending: 2 years

Ben McMillan

Portfolio Advisor

Terry Tse

Partner, Deal Diligence
Capital Management/Risk Advisory: 9 years
Fintech: 4 years
Credit Portfolio Management/Trading: 8 years
MS Financial Mathematics, BS Mathematical and Computational Science

Guanghua Cao, PhD

Research Advisor
Quantitative Credit: 12 years
Portfolio Management / Risk Research: 5 years
PhD Applied Mathematics, MS Financial Engineering, BA Applied Math

Julian Le Philippe

Technology Advisor
Finance & Technology: 12 years
Project/Program Management (Agile, PMP and Prince2 certified): 8 years
MSc Engineering


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