The Next Big Opportunity…


The majority of the global population has limited (if any) access to credit…regardless of their credit quality.  Traditional banking has struggled to keep pace with changes in technology and borrower behaviors leaving a “funding gap” of over 4 trillion USD worldwide… 1 

In recent years, FinTech has stepped in to bring disruptive technology-driven solutions to the traditional “bricks and mortar” lending model.

The result is one of the biggest opportunities for “Tech-Enabled Asset Managers” to systematically lend money to high quality, “under-banked” businesses globally to create a diversified portfolio of high yield, high quality and low-duration loans.



The Risk of Traditional Fixed Income



Years of Quantitative Easing has compressed yields across the traditional fixed income spectrum (Sovereign and Corporate).  As a result, in order to garner more yield, investors have been forced to increase duration or decrease credit quality..




The Digital Mosaic T.E.A.M.

Digital Mosaic is at the leading edge of “Tech-Enabled Asset Managers” that utilize sophisticated, proprietary technology, along with “big data” to access the best direct lending opportunities globally.



The result is a unique ability to deliver investors a high quality, high-yield, highly diversified loan portfolio with low duration that’s not available anywhere else…